Luxury edition with aluminum alloy case and better performance

Perfect for business people and those who enjoy the elegance of metallic case

Luxurious electric cleaner
Press to start automatically
10 second quick cleaning

Patented muiltifunctional cleaning brush ( same as the brush for EC100 )

① Removal of tobacco residues 
② Absorption of tar

EC200 Specifications


  • 1. Ensure that the ELIO heating device to be cleaned is powered off and its heater has cooled down. Remove completely the cap from the device, as well as the cover cap from the EC200
  • 2. Insert the cleaning brush into the mouthpiece of the ELIO heating device, with the brush casing covering outside the top of the device
  • 3. Once the cleaning brush reaches the bottom of the ELIO heating device, press it firmly and the EC200 will start cleaning automatically. It takes approximately 5-10 seconds to complete the cleaning process

To ensure optimal cleaning effects, the cleaning brush needs to be replaced once it gets dirty, or after using it for one week, or 10 cleaning procedures

Brush replacement

  • 1. Rotate the brush casing counterclockwise to separate it from the EC200
  • 2. Pull out the cleaning brush to disengage its magnetic contacts with the EC200
  • 3. Install a new cleaning brush into the EC200 through the aforementioned magnetic contacts


Battery Type:Rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Battery Capacity:250 mAh
Input Voltage:5V
Input Current:0.5A

Desired Working Temperatures

10° to 35°C ( 55° to 95°F)